New Officers Elected to Continue Moving Council 14360 Forward


Grand Knight George Ribellino, Jr. places the Grand Knight jewel on his successor, current Deputy Grand Knight Scott Criscuolo, at a council meeting held June 8, 2016 at St. Matthew Church in Norwalk.

At a council meeting on June 8, 2016, new Officers were elected for the 2016-2017 fraternal year.  Outgoing Grand Knight George Ribellino, Jr.,who has worked tirelessly and passionately as leader of Council 14360 for the past three years, looked back on his tenure:

“I know Grand Knight Elect Scott Criscuolo and his new team of officers will do an awesome job beginning July 1st. I have been honored to serve as Grand Knight of Council 14360 for the last three years. I was humbled at the great support that the council, parish, friends and family gave me. I especially want to thank my loving wife and daughter for supporting my efforts and always being willing to help me and the council. I love them very much. I also love all my Brothers of Council 14360. Your faith and love for God, parish and the Knights inspire me each and every day. Special thanks to our Chaplain and Pastor Msgr. Walter for his support of me and our council. Love and blessings to everyone!”

Knights of Columbus Council #14360 – Officers 2016-2017

Grand Knight – Scott Criscuolo
Deputy Grand Knight – Anthony Armentano
Chancellor – Chris O’Connor
Treasurer – Ron Miller
Advocate – Hugo Moncayo
Warden – George Uzwiak
Recorder – Erric Moretti
Inside Guard – Joe Rider
Outside Guard – Tim Horne
Trustee 1st Year – Bill Berger
Trustee 2nd Year – Lee Pino
Trustee 3rd Year – George Ribellino


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