A “Chili” day in August? Yes, please!


Sunday, August 9 was an awesome day at Saugatuck Sweets in Westport, CT, as Council 14360 hosted its First Annual Council Chili Cook-Off! A number of Council 14360 members along with their friends submitted a total of 11 delicious entries, and a great time was had by all.

Special thanks go to Brother Erric Moretti, who did a terrific job of organizing an awesome fraternal event and raising some money for our charitable fund. A very special thanks also to Brother Al DiGuido for hosting us at Saugatuck Sweets. He is so kind and supportive and we cannot thank him enough for his support.

Below are the contest winners as voted upon by the customers at Saugatuck Sweets:

Best Name: Piggly Wiggly Chili-Deputy Grand Knight Scott Criscuolo

Hottest Chili: Chillin’ Chili-Nona Rudd

Favorite Chili:
3rd Place (tie): Majohn’s Killer Chili-Tim Horne;  Ruthie’s Righteous Chili- Brian McDonald

2nd Place: Smokin’ Surprise-Nona Rudd

1st Place: Scrumptiously Simple Chili -Grand Knight George Ribellino

Raffle Prize Winner- PGK MIke Colaluca-(Prize: The Saugatuck Sweets “Wrecker”- a 10 ice cream scoop/candy sundae)

Of course the biggest winners of the day were the recipients of all of the great work that the Knights of Columbus provide to those in need. The Chili Cook-off was a great success in generating funds so that the Knights of Council 14360 can continue to provide the aid and support to many more in need.Congratulations to all of the winners! 

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